Kane Distribution is doing an excellent job. Your company is always very professional and eager to work outside the box.

Project Manager,

Kane Hospitality Services did an exceptional job of warehousing, delivery and installation of the FF&E and warehousing and delivery of the OS&E. They were attentive to the small details, and attentive to the needs of both the General Contractor and Owner. I look forward to working with Kane Hospitality Services on future projects.

Project Manager,
Hensel Phelps Construction Company

About Us

Kane 3PL has supported the leaders in the communications, electronics, healthcare, and consumer commodities industries for more than forty years, both nationally and internationally.  Our company-owned Best-In-Class facilities, fleet, equipment, and experienced staff give us the ability to provide flexible solutions to meet the needs of our customers.


Supply Chain Management and Integration Services

  • Include Transportation Management, Asset Management, Warehousing, Order Fulfillment, Pick & Pack and Kitting, Parts Management, Logistics Personnel, and HAZMAT Handling

Transportation Management

  • Able to manage all facets of transportation -- air, ground or sea
  • Expert staff can help you determine how to best meet your needs while containing costs
  • Our web-based tracking system provides detailed real-time information on transportation movements and costs.


  • Over one million square feet of warehouse space available in the Mid-Atlantic area.
  • Month-to-month agreements available to allow our customers flexibility and scalability.
  • Warehouse managers and technicians are security cleared, OSHA, HAZMAT and Forklift certified, and trained in handling high value and electronics products
  • Musuem-quality, climate-controlled storage space available to hold specialty items

Asset Management

  • Able to manage assets from the time of manufacturing until final delivery 
  • Barcode technology provides real-time information as the asset moves through the supply chain.
  • Real-time asset inventory in multiple locations

Order Fulfillment, Pick & Pack and Kitting

From very small specialty manufacturers to large multi-line equipment re-sellers, we can customize a system to meet individual needs and deadlines.

  • Full-time, experienced staff to assist with Merge-in-Transit Packing, Rapid Release Programs, superior IT Parts Management Systems, and web enabled visibility.
  • Able to manage order fulfillment operations at multiple warehouse locations, including item inspection, shrink wrapping, labeling, collating, boxing and sealing
  • Other services include Pick and Pack and Delivery, Parts Inventory Consolidation and Management, Parts Distribution, Parts Return Programs, Replenishment, Repair and Scrap Programs, Same Day and Next Day Delivery Capability, On-Call Emergency Parts Service

Logistics Personnel

We can make available over 5000 associates through extended company resources and part-time military personnel. 

  • Data Technicians, Inventory Specialists, Riggers, Movers, and General Labor are all available on short notice.

HAZMAT Handling

Kane 3PL specializes in regulated commodities handling. We handle the delivery and removal of both wet and gel cell batteries to include:

  • All the Required Tracking and Paperwork
  • Proper Preparation and Safe Removal
  • Special Hoists for Round Battery Removal and Square Battery Removal
  • Packaging that Exceeds all Federal Requirements
  • Battery Recycling
  • Procurement of a Certificate of Reclamation  and Green Accounting

Kane 3PL exceeds EPA/DOT regulations for the handling of all types of HAZMAT material by providing trained and certified personnel in accordance with the EPA/DOT guidelines, as well as on-site safety equipment and approved containers and tagging which assure safe delivery/removal of all regulated materials.

National Network of Partners

The Kane Agency Network enables us to provide supply chain and logistics solutions for our customers across the United States.


Online Inventory Management - KaneTrak

Access our web-based technology, designed with strict attention to the chain-of-custody processes, to maintain control over your inventory.  


  1. Product shipped from the manufacturer is received at one of our facilties and thoroughly inspected
  2. Inventory information is downloaded into Warehouse Management System (WMS), our proprietary web-based inventory control system
  3. Login to KaneTrak as needed to order, monitor and manage your inventory


Distribution Management

Kane Distribution Services, a subsidiary of Kane 3PL, is a leader the Mid-Atlantic region for "white-glove" and final mile solutions. If your company needs holiday, off-hour, multiple-stop, or in-store deliveries, we can provide the specialized delivery options you need. 

Kane Distribution Services offers quality customer service, quick response to emergency requests, the ability to perform relocations after-hours without disturbance to the working office environment, and pooling capabilities for a wide range of products. 

Kane 3PL